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User Feedbacks


The auto-generated copy is fun, and the mindmap editor was able to help me organize my thoughts and save me a lot of time in composing content.


As a sales representative who needs to make powerpoint frequently, I use AiPPT frequently, which could help me make powerpoint with the right content and beautiful pages, so that I can focus more on communicating with customers.


AiPPT can generate rich and beautiful powerpoint courseware according to the syllabus. It is really great!


I didn’t have superb powerpoint skills for my work before. While I luckily found the AiPPT, which could achieve automatic generation of copy and powerpoint and is very simple to learn. It helped me save a lot of detours.


With AiPPT, my work efficiency has been significantly improved. It not only help me focus more on marketing planning, but also help me generate more professional powerpoint.


Entrepreneurs often need to make project presentations to investors. AiPPT is the secret weapon of entrepreneurship, which can easily make a powerpoint to impresses investors.


AiPPT is a great convenience for me who often need to make powerpoint! The automatic generation of copy is really awesome and the online editing is so easy!


Students often have to make reports in class. AiPPT makes mine pop and look awesome! I wish there were more styles, so every report could have a fresh twist!

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